Article Marketing 101

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The catch-22 of Internet business is how to drive traffic to your site, even if
they've never heard of your business at all. Most people who visit an online
site will either find it through a search engine, hear the URL from an offline
business that is online too, or have a friend tell them about a new website. In
general, there are so many different sites out there competing for everyone's
attention that to get noticed by new potential customers, you actually have
to create content outside your website, preferably in high traffic areas, with
links that go back to your products and offerings.
That's where article marketing comes in. The purpose of article marketing is
to gather attention from high traffic areas and bring them back to your site.
Instead of relying on your website to attract people to it via the search
engines, article marketing is a method where you actually go to places where
large crowds of online viewers congregate and offer them valuable
information that makes them want to learn more about you and your