Avoid Big Mistakes When Marketing Online

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Information marketing is in it's most basic definition “the process of selling information”.
That sounds simple enough, right? But how exactly does that work in an internet based business?
Well, first of all, let's figure out what kind of information we're talking about here.
Typically, it's information that serves to educate and, hopefully solve a problem that a
potential customer is having.
For instance -
− Teaching a busy executive how to lose weight.
− Showing a single mom how to make more money.
− Helping a couple to avoid a divorce.
The information is typically delivered electronically (digitally) via eBooks, membership
sites, audio and video downloads. It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, several times over,
and has generated millionaires such as Dan Kennedy, Yanik Silver, and Frank Kern, to
name just a few.
Why is information marketing appealing?
Entrepreneurs are drawn to the low barriers to entry, high profit margins, hands-off
management, and quick time-to-market. An information marketer can dream up a
product one day and release it overnight, seeing a return on their investment almost
While it’s easy to become an information marketer, doing it successfully is another
matter. Many bright-eyed would-be millionaires dive into the market, hoping to
discover the fabled rivers of gold, much like the 49’ers in the Gold Rush of yore.
In this short report, I will share several of the common pitfalls that information
marketers can fall into, as well as provide tips as to how to become one of the lucky –
and hard-working – few who strike it rich.