Build Your Audience

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Building an audience should be the first step for any serious
online business.
The objective here is to create an audience that is not only large
but also highly targeted and highly engaged.
That means that you shouldn’t be interested in just creating the
longest possible list of people reading your site, but should
instead focus on creating a list of people who are fascinated by
everything you say, who hang off of your every word and who are
eager to get more of your content in any way possible.
Creating an audience like that means building an audience that
will grow in a self-sustaining and self-perpetuating manner. It
means building an audience of people who will actually want to
buy from you. And it means building an audience that will stay
with you for a long time.
And without wanting to sound hyperbolic, it is absolutely true that
huge, engaged audiences like this represent the single
differentiating factor that sets the most successful brands in the
world apart online.