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Everyone makes using social media to drive traffic sound so
easy. All you have to do is post a few times on Facebook,
Twitter or LinkedIn, and the traffic will start pouring in.
The reality, like with anything else is that you need to
spend enough time learning how to do it properly.
If you didn’t already know, social media traffic is one of the
largest referrers, when it comes to driving web traffic, at
your disposal.
In fact, according to Shareaholic, social media traffic makes
up 31 percent of overall traffic, with Facebook alone
accounting for 17.41 percent of the traffic.
With high-quality visitors from social media, you can build a
business. With social media traffic continuing to grow, it's
never too late to get started.
To be successful in driving more traffic with social media,
you'll need a strategy.
A good social media strategy will serve your company in
many ways