Social Traffic Plan

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Utilizing Facebook
How to Utilize Facebook to Grow Your Business.
How to ask for Testimonials and Reviews.
How to strike a Connection with Your Audience.
How to utilize News Feed Ad Placement.
How to get Feedback from Your Audience.
How to offer Helpful Resources.
How to use Images in Your Posts.
Chapter 2 – How to Use Twitter for Business
What is an Overview of Twitter.
Types of Posts on Twitter.
Proven Tips to Boost Your Business on Twitter.
How to utilize Hashtags.
How to understand the Best Times to Tweet.
How to make Use of Twitter List Function.
How to add Value in Your Retweets.
How to tweet Customer Testimonials.
How to interact with Your Audience.
Chapter 3 – How to Utilize Instagram to Promote Your Business
How to grow Your Brand and Business with Instagram.
How to incorporate Your Site Link to Boost Traffic.
How to use Audience-Targeted Hashtags.
How to ensure You are Using the Right Filters.
How to post at the Right Time.
How to engage with Popular Instagrammers.
Chapter 4 – How to Utilize YouTube for Your Business
How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business.
How to remain Active.
How to customize Your Channel.
How to think Through Your Titles.
How to engage with Your Audience.
Chapter 5 – How Pinterest Can Get You More Targeted Website Traffic
How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business.
How to create Pin Boards that Include Keywords in the Title.
How to describing Your Ideas.
How to chose Vertical Images to Make the Most of Your Real Estate.
How to embed Pins on Your Blog.
How to use Pins with Timetables in Mind.
How to utilize Rich Pins.
How to create Bi-Weekly Posts.
How to create Mutual Pinboards.