100 Whoosh Sound Effects

  • Compressed File
  • 99 MB
₹ 3,699

Bring you the ultimate whoosh sound effects pack.

With these sound effects you will be able take your videos to the next level.

Why you need sound effects?
- It gives the life to your videos. 
- Visuals are important but to match with the scene so that your senses actually feel that you are there. You need to use these.
- Whenever you use transition these sounds helps you.

Sound Effects Type ?
- Blend whoosh
- Crush whoosh
- Deep whoosh
- Ghosh whoosh
- Hard whoosh
- Nature whoosh
- Passby whoosh
- Ring whoosh
- Rise whoosh
- Traffic whoosh

What's in the package?
- Once you download the file, you need to extract it. Its a zip file. Once you extract then you will see 10 folders of different whoosh type mentioned above.
- Total are 100 whoosh sounds effects files in 10 folders.

Once purchased, there is no refund available.