Automated Backup to Flickr - with Documentation

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What it does

If you are looking to easily upload / back-up your photo-collection from your hard-drive to Flickr automatically, this is just for you. is a command-line utility that lets you recreate your photo-collection on flickr, in a way as simple as running the command :

$ uploadr /mnt/C/User/MyPhotoCollection

Running this simple command will upload the pictures to Flickr, recursively (folder within folder within folder) or just the folder, and organise them to make it easy to search (with sets and tags) , taking care of tasks minions should do, while you can go and do what humans do.

Decorate your fresh new 1TB storage space on Flickr with this helper.

Requires :

  • Python
  • Access to a shell / command line / terminal to enter commands

Note :

This offer is purely in the spirit of "buy me a coffee", and helps me spend a little more time working on this and making it better. The code is otherwise freely available, I have just added a lot more teeth to it, including the ability to log, recurse, easy setup and good documentation. Do consider paying for this, it is going to save you tonnes of time and effort :)