OMRApp Software - OMR Sheet Based Exams Management

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OMRApp is simple to use and insanely fast OMR Sheet Scanning and Exam Management System.
Cloud based reporting
SMS and Email Automation to Notify and declare the result
Can Scan 100 Sheets per minute with 100% accuracy
Initial First 150 Sheet Scanning and Analysis is free
Pay Only for Assessment per Sheet Basis

Question Types: Single | Multiple | Numerical

Data Export: Export Data / CSV Format

Integration: Email, SMS , Apps, Cloud

Analytics: Individual Test Report | Student Performance Report | Performance Analysis | Student Ranking and Scoring

Requirements: Any Scanner / High Resolution Mobile Capture for OMR Sheets

Plans: Pay as you go

More Info: OMRApp
Video GuideOMR App Video Guide

OMRSheetScanner - Scan Sheet and Upload Data
- Fast and Accurate Scanning
- Accuracy Management
- OCR based Scanning
- Auto Detection of Roll No and Test and Exam Id
- OMRResults - Sync Data and Generate Reports locally
- Individual Student Report
- Individual Test Report
- Individual Student All Test Reports
- Classwise / Group Wise Reports
- Student Ranking Report
- Strength and Weekness Analysis
- PDF ExportOMRSheetGenerator - Fill RollNo, Name , Predefined Fields, Test Number, Test Name, Exam Date and Time, Other Details
OMRSheetDesigner - Sheet Design as per client requirements
- Questions Alignments
- SheetTypes
- Multiple Exam Language Supported

OMRCloud -
- Account Management
- Exam Management
- Test and Questions
- Data Storage
- Data Backup
- Export to Excel
- Hall Ticket Generator
- SMS and Email Result
- Online Result Publish Supported via Api