A Guide to Jewellery Retailing - Back End Operations

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This book includes the chapter:-

  1. Ways to optimize pricing in a Jewellery Showroom
  2. Keeping operational costs in check in a Jewellery Showroom - some tips
  3. How are seasonal discounts decisive factors in Jewellery sales
  4. How to get repeat sales for your best-selling jewellery
  5. How Saving Schemes really work for Jewellery Retail
  6. Tips for training sales staff for Jewellery Retail
  7. Why is OOH advertising an absolute must for Jewellery Retail
  8. Making the most of Festivals for Jewellery Retailing
  9. How to promote jewellery gifting to get better returns?
  10. How to ensure that the customer visits your jewellery
  11. Inventory management tips for Jewellery Retailers
  12. Best Inventory practices for Jewellers
  13. It’s all about execution!