Book Combo Offer (Front End Operations + Back End Operations + Your Success Story + G.R.O.W Your Business)

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In this, you will get all 4 books in a bundle.

A Guide to Jewellery Retailing - Consumer-Facing Operations(Price -1500)

This book includes the chapter.
1. How to position your store in the Jewellery Market
2. The new 4 C’s of Jewellery Retailing
3. Ways to have an eye-catching Jewellery Store Signage
4. How to design a Jewellery Outlet with inviting interiors
5. Points to improve Parking in a Jewellery Showroom
6. Ways to increase foot traffic to a Jewellery Showroom
7. Ways to improve your Jewellery Window Display
8. Window shopping to worthwhile shopping - how to achieve this paradigm shift?
9. How to attract customers to your Jewellery Showroom
10. Ways to welcome customers to the Jewellery Showroom
11. How to retain customers at a jewellery showroom
12. The Do’s and Don'ts of Customer Service for Jewellery Retailing
13. It’s all about execution!

A Guide to Jewellery Retailing - Back End Operations (Price -1500)

This book includes the chapter:-
1. Ways to optimize pricing in a Jewellery Showroom
2. Keeping operational costs in check in a Jewellery Showroom - some tips
3. How are seasonal discounts decisive factors in Jewellery sales
4. How to get repeat sales for your best-selling jewellery
5. How Saving Schemes really work for Jewellery Retail
6. Tips for training sales staff for Jewellery Retail
7. Why is OOH advertising an absolute must for Jewellery Retail
8. Making the most of Festivals for Jewellery Retailing
9. How to promote jewellery gifting to get better returns?
10. How to ensure that the customer visits your jewellery
11. Inventory management tips for Jewellery Retailers
12. Best Inventory practices for Jewellers
13. It’s all about execution!

Your Own Success Story in 30 days (Price -1500)

If you ever wanted to see success in 30 days, right within your business, this book will help you achieve it.
Discover the one simple 30 days journey, practised by every successful retail business all over the world. Whether you are a large business or a small family business, this one practice can help you succeed.

I have personally, seen the enormous benefits during my days and years at Tanishq and for the past 10+ years with retailers all over India and abroad.

It costs you nothing, yes, Zero rupees to implement. Nothing else can you so many benefits and it is free of cost. I am serious when I say zero expenditure and results to see in your own business.

Grab this, before the price goes up.
And additional special classes for early birds on Zoom to help you get even more benefits.

Official pre-launch and despatch on 1st March 2022.

G.R.O.W. Your Business. A Coach Can Help You (Price -1500)


The world has changed, customers have changed. Today, the whole world is the new market opportunity.

Do you want to G.R.O.W your businesses & become successful? Yes, it looks like a dream. Isn’t it?

But dreaming is one thing, execution is another! Businesses need to adapt, change and move with the times.

Earlier you tried again & again to succeed. But, now, you may or may not have the
expertise or the time, to do it on your own.

Help is available. It is low risk. It is called Coaching.

This Coaching book is focused on 3 areas
1. What it takes to G.R.O.W your business
2. How a Coach can help you grow your business
3. Who is that Coaching Guru, who can help you grow your business?
The Consumer is ready. Ready, steady & go get this book to help you G.R.O.W
your business. Now! The world is waiting.