Vitamin Money Program

₹ 15,000₹ 8,850

Date - 14th June 2022

Time - 2 PM to 5 PM

• Do you want to G.R.O.W Your Business 25%, 50%, 100% or even more?
• Do you want to make more profits?
• Do you want to put your business on Autopilot?

But are you facing challenges?

1. I want to grow my business but don’t know how.
2. What can I do to see some quick results?
3. Business is getting difficult to do. What can I do to solve my problems?

People - Customers
4. Loyal customers are no longer loyal?
5. New customers are not coming regularly either. What to do?

People - Staff
6. Our staff is not good – They are unreliable.
7. Sunday is a busy day & my staff suddenly go on leave
8. It’s difficult to get new staff.
9. My staff can’t close a simple sale
10. I want to train my staff

Personal Skills
11. I have no time for myself.
12. I want to autopilot my business.
13. I have a lot of problems?
14. It is so difficult to convince others in my family.

15. My stock is never sufficient for “Aur kya hai” customer
16. Naya kya hain- After seeing so much stock?
17. I have so much dead stock.
18. Should I sell lab-grown diamonds?

Performance Metrics
19. What is the stock turnaround? Everybody is talking about it.
20. What should be my expected ROI

Promotion / Marketing
21. How much should I spend on marketing?
22. Should I do print media or digital media?

23. Vendors/Suppliers don’t have new designs.
24. My vendors are unreliable – They never deliver on time.

Processes & Procedures
25. I am always involved in all the important work.
26. Where is the time for “new things”?
27. It takes a lot of time to close the shop at the night.?
28. My loyal manager stole my money. What to do?

29. There is too much competition in the market
30. I am now forced to sell the 916@916 rate. The old margins are gone
31. Competition is taking away my loyal staff. What can I do?

Profits Improvement & Problem Solving
32. Making Charges are at 3% in competition. How can I even survive?
33. Can you help in increasing my profits?
34. Most of my wealth is “Cash” * not even insured.

If these are your daily problems, then you shouldn't miss this online workshop.

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