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The Ebook "AYURVEDIC ASPECT OF DIET & NUTRITION"(You are what you Eat!) is a complete and comprehensive guide on the subject.

Everything of human life depends on Diet. It not only provides nutrition but also nourishes sense organs, improves complexion, gives energy, maintains good health & keep human life disease free. Authors of this Ebook have therefore explained all the important concepts of food as per Ayurvedic principles and the modern view about the Nutrition also.

Few chapters indicate philosophy of food and classification of food substances according to Ayurveda. In classification of food, uses of food in various health conditions has been described. Chapter on Diet and Prakruti (Biotype) includes the diet charts according to our various Prakruti which is very useful to avoid sickness and maintain our health.
Chapter on Diet in Pregnancy gives the importance of diet in pregnancy and what should be eat in pregnancy and what should be avoided.
In chapter on Incompatible food, some food combinations are given which are harmful for our body and that should be avoided from our regular diet. Chapter on Seasonal diet contains the material regarding diet in various seasons. We also give the details of comparison of vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

In Kitchen pharmacy chapter, we provide the information regarding spices like clove, black pepper, garlic, turmeric etc.and their uses in our daily life.

The most important thing is that this book contains exclusive diet charts according to various diseases like Hyperacidity, Constipation, Heart diseases, Hypertension etc.