Ayurvedic Herbology Course

₹ 5,125

This Herbology course will be useful for following -
1. Undergraduate students
2. Post-graduates students of Ayurveda
3. General Enthusiasts of Ayurveda
4. Ayurvedic Practitioners
5. Aroma therapists
6. Alternative medical Practitioners.

Salient features of the "Ayurvedic Herbology Course" online course include:

1.Excellent study material which includes above mentioned Ayurvedic Herbology Ebook Plus few other useful ebooks.
2. Interactive nature - questions are given at the end of each part / herb. You are supposed to write down the answers to these questions and send them to the Faculties for evaluation.
3. Expert faculties are available to answer your queries.
4.'International Academy of Ayurveda' will provide you a certificate after completion of the course.