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Understanding human beings is a fascinating science and it attracted many intellectuals all over the world and they have contributed to the field of psychology in understanding human beings. Personality is the sum total of behavioural, temperamental, emotional and mental attributes that characterize a unique individual.
Ayurveda explains individuality by means of Prakriti. Prakriti or psycho-somatic constitution is an inherent characteristic property of an individual determined at the time of conception itself and remains unaltered throughout life. This concept is separated by a thin margin in Ayurveda, that it incorporates the physical aspect of individuals also. Because Ayurveda believes that human organism behaves in a wholesome and complex manner and physical and mental factors of personality cannot be isolated.
Considering, the vast applicability and utility of personality in health and disease, an attempt is made to study Prakriti In comparison with the descriptions of personality.

This Ebook will discuss the formation of Prakriti, genetical aspects, the factors which help in formation, influential factors, Prakriti types, it's the role in health and disease etc. with relevant modern science for quick revision.