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The technological advancement has upgraded the living standard of the burgeoning population but their basic needs remains unsatisfied.Due to uncontrolled extraction of the natural resources and advancement of technology has induced massive amount of need for energy.As a result to extract energy, forests are destroyed resulting in desertification which become indicative by the rising temperature of the World.This rising temperature or global warming is identified to be the one of the reason why the demand for energy has also increased.However conventional energy sources are finite thus under high stress.As a consequence,innovating new concepts which will ensure our society to be energy sustainable is urgently required.On the other hand global warming induced climate change has imbibed scarcity of water which has only been aggravated with the ever-growing population and large scale destruction of natural resources.To prevent this situation some novel but sustainable solutions are required.The newsletter "Innovate for Sustainability" tries to provide a platform to those innovators who are constantly working for innovative solution to the most significant problem of this century : the optimal management of water and energy resources.This publication will share latest developments,news and views,ideas for innovations,tutorials,apps and special features on topics which can help to develop sustainable solutions.Available scholarship and funding opportunities from this field is also included.This newsletter is published at an monthly basis in both print and online mode.Against this subscription the customer will receive six copies of the newsletter in the next six months.