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4000+ History of English Literature MCQ Book PDF

Here you will get an English literature MCQ pdf for UGC NET, PGT English, TGT English, etc. This pdf covered all the ages from Old British English to Post Modern English. It is helpful for MA/PHD/M.phil entrance test.

English Literature MCQ Book PDF

1- Total 4000+ MCQs
2- Covered All Ages
3- Indian English Literature
4-British English Literature
5-American English Literature
6-Literary Theory MCQ
7- African English Literature
8-Spanish and Canadian English Literature
9- MCQ on Historical Background on every age
10-European Literature
11-Literary Terms and Devices
12-Post-colonial Literature MCQ

Ages Covered

1- Old English/Anglo Saxton
2-Age of Chaucer
3-Age of Revival
4-Elizabethan Age
5-Jacobean Age
6-Caroline Age
7-Restoration Age
8-Age of Enlightenment
9-Romantic Age
10-Victorian Age
11-Modern Age
12-Post Modern Age

English literature mcq questions and answers

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