Support a child's education & rehabilitation fee

Min ₹ 500

Jyoti Sroat Inclusive School (A unit of Bethany Society, promotes inclusion of 250 children, most of whom come from marginalized and remote regions of Meghalaya and other states of North East India and belong to economically poor families. These are children with disabilities, children without disabilities and those from other vulnerable groups who despite their formidable challenges are striving hard to harness their potential and ability to the fullest.

The annual education fees for one child in Jyoti Sroat School is INR 6100, which comes to INR 500 per month. Your support can provide them the necessary impetus and enable them to realize their dreams and earn their rightful place in the society. So let's join hands to fight to end their plight and come together to contribute to building their fortitude.
Kindly note that all donations to Bethany Society are subject to tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Department, Govt. of India