Guide of Recruitment for US IT Recruiters | E-Book

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As per the many requests from Recruiters, decided to write an e-book that every Recruiter will get benefited out of it.

To make a Recruiter to become a Renowned Recruiter

– Which means to make a Recruiter life to be respected and well treated.
Guide of Recruitment

US Recruitment Fundamentals

Recruitment Lifecycle
US Tax Terms
USA Map – States
Types of Visas
Boolean Search
Job Portals
US Recruitment Terminology
Advanced Strategies in Recruitment
Free Certification for Recruiter
How to Screen and Ways of Screening the candidates
How to Build the vendor list
General Scripts
RTR ( Right to Represent )
Rate Confirmation
Job Description Draft
Conversation between Recruiter and the candidate
Every US Recruiter Should Know

Cover of the book – “Guide of Recruitment”

Advantages of this book :

Learn the basics of US Recruitment
Recruitment Strategies
Can Become a US Recruiter

Author: Arun Kumar Bethi