5 Ways to Use QR Codes for your Small Online Business

QR codes for small business
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2023)

Are you an online business looking for an easy, time-sensitive and cost-effective manner of letting your customers know about your company or even collect payments? Then QR codes may just be your answer.

A recent study by Source Global Research, states that the average attention span of an individual has reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.  This is also the amount of time you have to convince a customer for a quick spend.

For businesses, marketing collaterals generally come with very little real estate and a large associated cost. QR codes are now the trending thing to help address these challenges.

What are QR codes?

Quick Response codes (QR Codes) enable packing in large chunks of data in a small grid of black and white pixels. QR codes are 2-dimensional barcodes, with more enhanced features than a traditional 1-dimensional barcode.

These codes are customizable and can store up to 4000 alphanumeric characters, as compared to the traditional barcodes which could store up to 20 horizontal characters. They can be read are from any direction with any simple smartphone or barcode readers.

These codes can link back to the URL’s of product launches, your website, downloadable newsletters and more. They are an easy, inexpensive and time-effective substitute to the traditional ways of print ads.

What’s more? You can even sell and collect payments, via these QR codes.

5 ways you can use QR Codes for your business:

QR for your business cards

Traditional business cards come with limited information. For any other further assistance, your customers have to visit your website or personally contact you. This allows for a small window for your customers to stay committed to buying or associating with you.

A QR code attached to your business card works as a handy portfolio you can leverage within a few clicks. Having a mobile-friendly sign-up is an added bonus for a hassle-free user experience.

QR for print ads

A common problem seen in most marketing collaterals is their exorbitant prices and limited real estate. To create an interactive and engaging user-experience you can integrate QR Codes in your marketing and print collaterals.

This would make your ads a gateway to encourage your customers to discover you and your brand effectively, with no additional costs. These QR codes can be used to promote new trends, discounts and more. They can also be used to link product update videos, promotions, or important updates or downloadable information.

Additionally, these codes also come with trackable links to gain insights into the traffic you receive via these codes.

QR for invoices:

Collecting and managing invoices can be a hectic task. But with these QR codes, you can not only download but also manage your invoices digitally. Additionally, they can be used to redirect customers back to your website or other related pages. Some of these can be shipping details, contact information and more.

QR for event links:

An essential tenet of marketing our the events and other collaborations you conduct. Traditional modes include event collaterals like posters, which are both expensive and limited in terms of how much they communicate.

With the usage of QR codes, one can not only get downloadable tickets but also link important information such as maps and virtual tickets to ensure an enhanced user experience. This not only cuts down the usage of paper but also allows your customers to travel lighter making it an added bonus.

QR for inventory

Gone are the days’ sellers and merchants sat down with long lists for stock check and inventory. Initially developed to track cars in the manufacturing units, QR codes are an ideal inventory management tool. With these codes, you can track detailed information such as serial numbers, docket and lot numbers to name a few.

QR codes come with minimal steps, no language barriers and time-effective ways of engaging and interacting with your customers via marketing collaterals. They also open the doorway for potential customers to explore your videos, websites and more.

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