How To Write Questions For Your FAQ Chatbot

How To Write Questions For Your FAQ Chatbot

Imagine this – your customer lands on your website and has a query about your product. They know the long process of sending you an email or calling you, so they look for the next quick option – a live chat or an FAQ Chatbot.

An FAQ Chatbot is a quick interactive way of answering your customers’ most common queries.

Your website probably has an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page already which customers visit.  A website FAQ page has the most frequently asked questions people have about your company or product. While this is a good idea for customers,  over 60% of them prefer talking directly to a customer executive or chatting with them.

So, why not combine the two?

What does an FAQ Chatbot do?

An FAQ chatbot, in simple terms, is an internet bot that helps your small business have a more technologically advanced real-time interaction with your customers who visit your site. An FAQ chatbot is a type of internet bot or software application that’s useful for answering some of the most frequently asked questions your customers have. Also, the chatbot helps for small businesses build trust with people who visit their site.

It is important to know how you can design FAQ chatbots, even if you decide to have a developer create them. Keep a rough conversational framework in your mind; or rather a product persona. For example, how would you like your FAQ chatbot to be, as a person?

You can help boost your small business ROI by understanding, if not designing from scratch, your ideal FAQ chatbot.

Why should you have an FAQ chatbot on your website?

Small businesses might think Artificial intelligence is an expensive technology to invest in. But giving your customers the simple option to chat for quick and much-needed assistance is guaranteed to get you a high Return on investment in the future.

Your FAQ page exists to help take care of your customers’ most common queries, but an FAQ chatbot makes sure they stay on the page long enough to make the purchase.

Besides, your website FAQ chatbot helps your customers find what they are looking for. FAQ bots help direct customers to the right website pages and provide answers easily any time of the day. This helps to enhance the customers’ experience and helps you save money and time since you won’t have to hire a workforce that works round-the-clock.

How to write FAQs for your chatbot?

If your site already has an FAQ page, then you simply need to know what kind of questions to choose from there and add it to your chatbot. Of course, the easy way out is to hire a developer, but you can create one too. Some of the strategies you can use are:

Understand the scope of your FAQ content:

Map out a prospective conversation in your head. Write down the questions your customers would typically ask you. Keep contact in mind and understand different words your customer would use.  For example, if a customer asks, “What is the price for this product?”, your chatbot needs to know how how to understand the context of ‘this’. You can do it old-school style too. Simply analyse what kind of questions customers frequently ask on your contact pages. Write them down and form a conversation. Create a conversation hierarchy so that your FAQ chatbot can refer to a previous conversation to answer customers’ questions.

Give your Chatbot a personality:

If your FAQ chatbot has to initiate a conversation with customers, the main intent is to give it a personality, so it does not seem like a bot. What is your brand image? Do you want to go for a persona that is peppy, or serious – or something between the two? Use vocabulary/words that foes with your brand personality.

How much information should the bot carry:

Your small business website probably carries a lot of information that could overwhelm your customer. With an FAQ chatbot, it is different. Do not aim for simply copying and pasting information from your website FAQ page into your chatbot – it needs to look organic to the customer. Input words like ‘Hi”, “Sure, let me see what I can do” or ” That’s interesting, let me see how I can help you” that seem more conversation inducing than a simple Q&A.

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