How to Attract Customers to Your Online Store – 5 Tips from Professionals

how to attract customers to your online store
(Last Updated On: February 9, 2022)

How can you attract customers to your online store? How do you make them fall in love at first sight? Can you make them stay and make a purchase?

Yes, you can. Give your online store the personality it deserves.

It is tough to keep online audiences satisfied with your online store. So, in a world of over a million online eCommerce websites, you need to grab their attention. Stores now have features like:

  • Shipping software for better sales cycle management
  • Feasible web hosting
  • Google and social media ranking facilities

With such readily available tools, anyone can start an eCommerce website in minutes However, competition is tight and you could get lost in the milieu of stores trying to make an impression.

Fortunately, by giving your store a worthy personality, you could not just get customers, but keep them for a long time. Pretty landing pages and two-step payment checkout processes come second!

Customers in this day and age want intimacy with your brand. Personalization, a story that makes them connected to what you are selling. A blend of the perfect content, design and product information is enough to have customers interested in more than just the prices.

So what do the best online stores do to stand out and attract their customers?

1. Attract Customers with Minimalism

When a customer visits your online store for the first time, do not overload them with information on the first page alone.

The customer gets confused and they directly land on your products tab and forget to know you better as a brand. Place your best products, offers towards the end of your store page and use high-definition photos to showcase your products.


5 ways to attract customers to your online store
Kulture Shop’s main page opens to aesthetics. No cluttered information, no overdose of product descriptions.
how to attract customers to your online store
Chumbak is known for being quirky and colourful, but they know better than to fill their home page with information that can overwhelm their customer.

2. Believe in the power of social media 

Once you launch your online store, spread the word on social media. Use your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even WhatsApp groups to tell people about your store. A tip – run social media competitions and offer a discount to winners or first-time buyers on your store.

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Yes, social media is a vast universe of brands and companies trying to sell products and services? So how can you stand out? If you are looking to do some quick reading to attract customers on social media, download our ebook by clicking on the image below.

Ebook on Social media marketing instamojo 2020

3. Authentic product information

A common mistake made by small business online store owners is giving incomplete information about their products.

Give this a lot of importance the next time you design your online store or revamp it. Provide detailed information about the products you sell, create subcategories and add a snippet of ‘how it works’ if required.

Do not leave your customers scrambling for the FAQs page or asking your customer care for minor doubts.

5 tried and tested ways to attract more customers to your online store
A detailed description of Koovs product page where they divide the page into different sections to ease the customers’ doubts about the product.


how to attract customers to your online store
The Junaili store on the Instamojo free online store platform showcases a bunch of products with clear instructions and description about them. Junaili keeps it clean and simple for its customers to understand.

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4. Keep providing new features/products

Make modifications to your online store in a cyclical manner, invest in a good research method to see what is new.

For example, at Instamojo, we noticed an increased number of abandoned cart customers. To find out who those customers are, we developed the Leads Manager app on our store that collects the information of dropped off buyers.

We are not saying you should develop new products on a store interface, but it’s a good idea to set up your store on a platform that constantly improves their interface.

A tip from our marketing team – Do not force people to register on your website or eCommerce website. Allow them the option to sign in as a guest.

When you create an online store, ensure there is an availability of a mobile app to make changes and updates on the go. 

Track sales and user actions on the go. If you see a pattern shift in the way online stores are doing their design, they are probably keeping up with what customers currently want.

This could mean a better UX experience, fewer offers and more quality products or simply, free shipping.

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5. Promote and edit product reviews

Customers rely on product reviews before making a purchase on your eCommerce website. This is not new information, but a consistent feedback cycle about your products helps others who are first-timers to your store. A good product review will boost sales for your products.

Leave well-written testimonials right on your home page.

Genuine reviews by loyal customers or those who visited your site through a friends referral help new customers believe in your brand just a little faster.

how to attract customers to your online store

An attractive store is one thing, but creating quality brand customers want to talk about, is another.

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Bonus: The Instamojo premium online store:

We hear you! The next time you want to sell your products on an easy go-to platform, consider the Instamojo premium online store. Our advanced features keep in mind all the needs of small businesses selling products and services in the digital world.

How to attract customers with the Instamojo premium store?

  1. Use our SMS and email campaigns to reach out to more customers
  2. Manage and customise your online store with over 20+ themes, custom domains and mailbox
  3. Collect leads with the Leads manager app
  4. Use wholesale and referral discounts and SEO marketing tools for campaigns.

Attracting customers to your store is the first step, but maintaining a good eCommerce website with clean design and information ensures they stick around for a while or even make a purchase!

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