How To Use Emoji To Market Your Business

Want to make your business more visible online? Keep calm and emoji on! Here are some fool-proof ways of inserting emoji in your marketing campaign.


Once upon a time (in 1990), in a land far far away (in Japan), a guy (Shigetaka Kurita) invented the first set of emoji. And the rest is history.

Emoji is a graphical representation of expressions and while you may think it too casual to be using it in your business, you might want to rethink it.

Here’s why:

– Emoji are a great way to convey your message to your customer. They can, sometimes, do better than words.

– About 90% of the world’s internet population understands/uses emoji to communicate.

– Emoji give personality to your brand and also help build an emotional bond with the customer.

Several brands have resorted to using emoji in their marketing strategies to grab consumer attention, especially on social media. Data found that tweets with emoji had 25.4% higher engagement when compared to the same tweet without emoji!

Also, marketing campaigns with emoji performed significantly better than those with strictly plain content.

So, Should You Be Using Emoji?

Not all types of businesses should use emoji. It can go terribly wrong and offend customers if you are operating in a serious industry.

For example, if you are in the funeral or rehabilitation sector, using emoji to market your business may not be a great idea. The best part is, there’s an emoji for most businesses.

Check out some great emoji campaigns below:

Taco Bell


WWF’s Endangered Emoji

How To Use Emoji in YOUR Business

If your business has an online presence, you could try leveraging the popularity of emoji to market your business. Wondering how to get started?

Here’s how:

Social Media

Do you have a Facebook page? A Twitter handle? What about an Instagram account? If you don’t already have a social media presence, it’s the right time to start. Craft a simple social message and an emoji or two to go with it and voila! Watch your business grow.

Use more positive emoji as they have a better impact.

Email Marketing

Emails are a great way to market your business. Although emoji were introduced late to the email marketing segment, there was a 777% growth in emoji use in email campaigns in 2016!

If you have been using emails to spread word about your business, try throwing in an emoji in the subject line. That doesn’t just make your subject line stand out in your reader’s inbox but also generates curiosity in the reader.

Check out the top email marketing emoji here.

App Marketing

If you are an app-based business, never shy away from using emoji in your push notifications. Say you are a travel app, use travel-related emoji to promote a sale or offer. This works well with apparel and food apps too.

You can also use occasion-based emoji to excite your audience. These are some of the most popular emoji used by brands across the world.

Be Careful Though!

As the general disclaimer goes, not all emoji mean the same everywhere. In the history of emoji, many have been misunderstood. Choose the right audience and use the right emoji to get best results!


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