Improve Your Offer Landing Pages’ SEO in 1-click

Instamojo’s mission has been to make it really easy to sell directly to your audience by promoting a link (a.k.a. via email, social networks, blogs, websites etc.

Moving along, we have made it further simple to do the same and sell across devices and platform. So now you can seamlessly sell across social, mobile & web.

However, we do understand that you (sellers) want to increase their customer (buyers) base.

So far, you have loved how incredibly simple it is to start selling with Instamojo but we do understand the need to increase reach outside one’s network and sell more.

So finally introducing our 1st step towards helping our sellers get discovered — starting with search engines.

For that, all you have to do is add few details about your offering under the “SEO options” and in a single-click, you are giving your offering an added opportunity to be discovered by thousands, if not millions more to find you through search engines like Google etc.

Below is the screen capture which would help you understand how to go about it:


And that’s about it. As always, we want to hide the complexity of software and give you the benefit of simplicity to gain maximum mileage.

Do let me know what do you think about it or email us at Or you can tweet about it giving us a thumbs-up.


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