Instamojo Credit Book – The Best Way to Balance Your Khata (Ledger)

Instamojo Credit Book - The Best Way to Balance Your Khata (Ledger)

Still stuck on old methods like excel or registry to record your ledgers? Chasing your vendors/suppliers, or customers to make payments? To take away the stress and manual efforts of balancing your ledger (& ensuring timely payments) here’s introducing Instamojo Credit Book.

Instamojo Credit Book is a ledger that allows you to:

Instamojo credit book

  • Keep track of credit given to vendors, suppliers, and customers
  • Monitor cash receivables from customers, vendors, and suppliers
  • Send due payment reminders
  • Save time by ditching the old ledger book, excel sheet, and calculator
  • Maintain a centralized record of your cash flow

Instamojo Credit Book features you will love 💖

This Instamojo android app feature has useful options that your business can take advantage of.

  • Why send payment reminders separately when you can just click one button!
  • Reminders go with the Instamojo payment link so your vendors, suppliers, and customers can pay you safely with any mode of payment they choose to.
  • Borrowed cash? the credit book has an option to balance that as well.
  • If borrowed from an existing vendor/supplier in the list – the ledger is automatically balanced with any due amount.
  • Make entries seamlessly without having to reenter it into another system!
  • Never lose your data – all the entries will be available in the credit book whenever you need to access it.

3 reasons you need to switch to Instamojo Credit Book today

1. Minimal Duplication:

If you’re already an Instamojo user – this feature fits in seamlessly into your books of accounts. Payments are recorded in the sales and customers section apart from being calculated in the credit book, ready to reconcile.

2. Safe Payments:

In most apps, reminders are sent with just a note about the payment. Also, the customer, seller or vendor would need to have the same app to make the payment or pay you separately on another app.

Why go through all the hassle when you can send an Instamojo payment link in the SMS itself!

Your customers/vendors/suppliers can pay you easily through any mode of a payment gateway they choose to.

3. It’s Free:

Need we say more? The Credit Book app and it’s features are completely free. We only charge for successful payments made to you via Instamojo.

Don’t want to pay the fee? We have a free version of Instamojo for you too. Check out the Instamojo convenience fee feature to get what you charge in your bank account.

Instamojo Credit Book is an android-app exclusive feature. Get all that and more on the Instamojo android app today.


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