New Feature: Instapay is the New Face of Your Bank Account

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2021)

We have all experienced how painful it is to collect payments using cheques, NEFT or RTGS. Every bank has a different turnaround time taken for approving a new beneficiary. The sender is never sure enough about the accuracy of the recipient’s bank a/c number and IFSC Code. It is common practice to first send a small test payment to ensure that the money reaches the right recipient, before the entire amount is sent using NEFT.

Should making a payment be so laborious? Can collecting and making B2B or B2C payments be faster, surer and without uncertainties?

At Instamojo, we had been thinking about making it significantly easier for professionals and small businesses to collect service-related payments from clients and customers. The solution, as we realised, lay right at our doorstep—the Instamojo merchant usernames.

Now instead of sharing complex and error-prone bank account details with your clients, simply share your Instapay @username URL with your customers and get paid instantly and securely via their Net Banking or Credit/Debit Card. Example – to pay the merchant with the username ‘apoorvpandit’, simply visit his Instapay URL –

Or you can visit Instamojo and type the username of the merchant you wish to pay.


Your free InstaPay URL is created automatically for you when you register for an account on If you are already an Instamojo merchant, you will find your Instapay URL at the top of your list of payment links after logging in.

Instamojo Instapay

The moment customers or clients enter your username on or reach your Instapay URL, they can confirm they are paying the right person/business by clicking on the avatar next to the username and going through the profile. Our strict 5-step KYC process ensures authenticity of username accounts on Instamojo.

instapay Instamojo

Clients and customers can then pay you using Net Banking, Credit or Debit cards in a PCI-DSS, 128-bit EV SSL secured environment. All payments that you receive via Instapay are paid out to your bank account that you registered with Instamojo.

Your InstaPay profile works beautifully on mobile browsers and can be shared over SMS, WhatsApp, Email or Word-of-Mouth.

Instamojo InstaPay FAQs

Q: Can I start collecting payments with Instapay right away?

A: Yes, as long as your KYC has been approved and your account has been activated for collecting payments.

Q: Where can I view payments received via Instapay?

A: On your Sales & Customers dashboard that you see after logging-in to, just like before.

Q: What will the transaction charges for Instapay payments?

A: 1.9% + Service Tax. The lowest in the market!

Q: How will I be paid out for Instapay payments?

A: The payouts will reach your bank account registered with Instamojo every +3 business days, along with your routine Instamojo payouts. Nothing changes here!

Q: Is Instapay secure for my customers?

A: Of course. All Instapay payments happen in a PCI-DSS compliant, 128-bit EV SSL Secured, Two-Factor Authenticated environment. We support MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron and over 25 Net Banking options.

Q: What happens to my existing Instamojo payment links?

A: Nothing changes. They are functional as before and ready for receiving payments from your customers.

Write in to us with suggestions. We’ll let you know if we are already working on them or what we can do, in case not.

Try it now. Sign up for an account on Instamojo, select a username and visit (replace ‘username’ with your selected username) and start sharing this URL to collect payments!