Introducing Facebook for Instamojo online stores

Facebook for Instamojo
(Last Updated On: May 18, 2022)

  Your online store will see more sales only when people discover it exists. And the easiest way to get discovered is to be active on social media! Introducing Facebook for Instamojo. 

You can now showcase your products on Facebook and also run ads on FB and Instagram, directly from your online store on Instamojo. 

How do I get Facebook for Instamojo on my Instamojo online store? 

Facebook for Instamojo helps you with easy and codeless onboarding. With just one click, assets like a Facebook product catalog, a Facebook Pixel, a Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, and Conversions API are all set up automatically. 

You don’t have to worry about a thing!

You can subscribe to Facebook for Instamojo with a free or premium Instamojo account. These are the steps to set up the Facebook for Instamojo to your Instamojo online store: 

  1. Head to the app store from your Instagram dashboard 
  2. Go to the Marketing section
  3. Scroll down till you see the Facebook for Instamojo app
  4. Click on the Facebook for Instamojo app 

Facebook for Instamojo


With one click of the button: 

  1. Your product lists from your online store will be automatically uploaded to your Facebook account 
  2. The product catalog will be auto-updated on Facebook 
  3. Your Facebook Pixel will be set up 
  4. Instamojo will share visitor information with Facebook to help you target ads to the right audience with the Conversion API 

Facebook for Instamojo

Here is a storyboard of what happens once you click activate: 

Facebook for Instamojo

Facebook for Instamojo

Facebook for Instamojo

Facebook for Instamojo

Why should you integrate your online store with Facebook?

1. Get customers from Facebook 

Nearly 4 billion people use social media today. Chances are that 90% of your target customers are also using Facebook. With this integration, if your Facebook page visitors like a product, they can click on it and be redirected to your online store to finish the purchase. 

2. Run ads on both Instagram and Facebook 

Subscribing to the app automatically sets up your FB pixels account. You can now run ads for the products of your online store on Facebook and Instagram. 

Not only that, FB pixel gives you detailed analysis and data which helps you: 

  • Understand which ads are working and which are not 
  • Helps retarget people who have shown an intent to purchase but didn’t go through with it 

3. Automated catalogue updates

Similar to the google shopping feed, the Facebook for Instamojo integration updates the catalog on Facebook whenever there is a change in inventory or catalog on your online store.

This includes the addition and removal of products and any updates to products (assets and inventory). 

Go to your commerce manager to check your updated catalog on Facebook.

facebook for Instamojo

Harness the power of Facebook tools to connect with new audiences across Facebook and Instagram with targeted ads.

TLDR; Watch the demo video 

You can also watch this video to see just how easy it is!

Moving from Facebook to your own online store 

Social media sellers display their products on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, accept orders via DMs and then share their payment details with the customer to complete the transaction. 

With 2.91 Billion users on Facebook, this is a great platform to start out for small businesses. It is one of the best platforms for social commerce and also offers handy and effective marketing tools that help you grow your business and build your own brand. 

Since Facebook analyzes data and browsing patterns, it is also easy for you to use Facebook ads to find the right audience for your products. 

Getting your own online store 

Once you have a sense of your audience, it is best for you to shift to your own online store. Why? 

  1. You can track your inventory and orders from one dashboard 
  2. With Instamojo, you can use a host of marketing tools and features to scale your business 
  3. You can ship to more customers all over India 
  4. You can track and analyse customer behaviour
  5. Making payments is a safe and secure process 

Create your free online store with Instamojo in under 5 minutes. Here’s a full guide.

If you are worried about uploading all your products and product descriptions again from scratch – Don’t be. 

With your Instamojo store, you can easily import all your product details from your Facebook business page in two minutes. 

Here’s how 

  1. Go to your Instamojo Dashboard 
  2. Go to Products 
  3. Select any product 
  4. Go to Store view 
  5. On the store view, go to the left sidebar 
  6. Select FB Import 
  7. Give the necessary authorizations 
  8. Enjoy having all your products in one place in one place 

Facebook for Instamojo


Don’t have an online store yet? Start with Instamojo.  

Create your free online store


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