Sangeetha Kalamkari Studio Built a ₹50 Lakh+ Business Selling Sarees on FB LIVE

Sangeetha Kalamkari Studio Built a ₹50+ Lakh Business Selling Sarees on FB LIVE

On the Sangeetha Kalamkari Studio LIVE Facebook show, Sangeetha shows her viewers beautiful sarees and gives her audience a LIVE demo. Soon after, bids start coming in. On a show, quote, and fastest-finger-first basis, the sarees start selling like hotcakes.

In a matter of 2 hours, Sangeetha sells 100+ sarees to over 80,000 viewers on Facebook LIVE video. The sarees range from ₹5000 to ₹30,000.

Sangeetha Rajesh, founder of Sangeetha Kalamkari Studio and the design label Sangeetha Rajesh, travels to the wholesale market with her team to shoot and sell these expensive sarees. She gives her viewers the best rate for the exquisite garments because she connects the merchant market directly to the buyer!

While Sangeetha sells all kinds of exquisite sarees on her show, her heart belongs to Kalamkari – the hand-made dye art on cotton cloth.

Sangeetha’s Kalamkari Love Affair

Sangeetha has been an entrepreneur for quite some time now. She doesn’t just run a super hit show on Facebook but also runs a school. Always wanting to enter the clothing industry, she started the kalamkari studio a couple of years ago.

Her love affair with Kalamkari started when she visited an exhibition and saw a kalamkari dupatta that captured her heart.

“It was love at first sight. Nobody was even touching the dupatta but somehow I was very attracted to it. When they told me the price was ₹1800, my husband asked “do you really need to buy this? It looks like a normal cloth with which you wipe. I said, “No, the cloth speaks volumes. An artisan is speaking through this design!” – Sangeetha says in an interview.

Big. Fat. Dreams.

Sangeetha has always believed in dreaming big.

Today, Sangeetha is an independent entrepreneur that sets her own goals and targets. Although she does not have a board to answer to, she is her own investor.

Sangeetha took a degree in NIFT to get her basics straight. She kept reading books on Kalamkari, travelled to Macchlipatnam, Kalahasti etc to meet the artisans and understand how the dye and cloth are made.

Sangeetha Kalamkari Studio

She doesn’t just stop at connecting the viewers to the market. Sangeetha innovates the designs of kalamkari sarees adding brighter hues and embroidery on clothes that appeal to a younger crowd – Tussar silks, Chanderi, Kota cotton, Chettinad silks, and even Ikat weaves.

Sangeetha hosts exhibitions across major cities in India. She has become a household name in the country.

“This woman is a superhuman looking fresh after 4 hours. I saw many comments asking her to take a break drink water, use the facilities, etc. I’m just blown by this one-woman show that must be a 3-5 Million USD business annually with her acute skill of sourcing from the weaver and cutting out the cost of a retail operation by going direct.”

Hats off to you Sangeetha of Kalamkari Studio for showing founders how doing business is a simple value proposition and sometimes we needlessly overthink about it,” – Prashanth Rao Aroor, CEO at Intellistay Hotels Private Limited said about Sangeetha on LinkedIn.

How Instamojo Powers Sangeetha’s Saree Business

Once a viewer has selected a saree, Sangeetha sends them an Instamojo payment link on the LIVE show. The viewer than proceeds to make a payment via Instamojo. She also sends them the payment links on Whatsapp.

Here’s a step-by-step process of how Sangeetha uses Instamojo to collect payments for her saree business:

Steps to make a payment for a saree purchased on Sangeetha’s LIVE show:

1. Follow Sangeetha Kalamakari Festival page.

2. Comment down your choice of Saree (with your WhatsApp number)

3. You will receive a payment link on your WhatsApp and SMS.

4. Open the link and click on the pay button

5. Fill in your contact information

6. Fill your complete address in the address box

7. Fill your state city and Pincode again in given boxes ( if you are from away nation’s please give Andhra Pradesh as state Vijayawada as city and Pincode 520001) and click next

8. Check all payment options below and use your convenient method.

9. If in case you have any trouble in making payments please contact us via WhatsApp call or phone.

Using Instamojo’s payment links, Sangeetha has collected over ₹15 Lakhs in the month of August 2019 alone! Last year, she made about ₹50 Lakhs in sales but hopes on taking a big leap this year.

“Definitely after Instamojo, my sales have drastically improved. It is now very easy to collect payments from my viewers and the money gets paid out systematically.” – Sangeetha tells us.

Sangeetha is just one of the many inspiring businesses using Instamojo to power their business. You can too!

Get started with Instamojo to take your business to the next level.


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