How To Sell Ebooks Online The Right Way – Tips and Guide

tips to sell ebook

After you have finished researching and writing your e-book, it is time to reap the sweet fruit of your labour and make money through selling your ebook. We will show you how to sell ebooks the right way in this guide.

Step 1: Know Your Target Buyer

Keep your target buyer in mind when you market your e-book.

For example, the advertisement of an ebook dealing with children’s nutrition would gain no traction on a business or banking website. It would be most apt to advertise or talk about this ebook in a kindergarten or school website.

Step 2: Attract The Buyer With a Preview

How would you attract and convince your buyer to buy your ebook?

This task would be simple if you let the prospective buyer read the preface or the first few pages of the book. You could even have the buyer sneak a peek into interesting sections of the book.

Step 3: Price It Right

The price of your e-book can be one of the major factors that affect its sale. It is necessary to price it right. How you price your e-book also depends on how established or well-known you are as an ebook writer. This is determined by the sale and popularity of your previous e-books.

We suggest pricing your e-books very competitively if you are new in this industry, and if you are established writer chances are people would be willing to pay a higher price to read your e-book. Keeping this in mind be price-wise.

Regardless, we suggest pricing your e-books competitively if you are new to the industry.

Step 4: Spread Word Using Online Platforms/ Social Media

It is an absolute must for every business to have an online presence these days. Speaking of e-books, when your market is online, you just cannot ignore the online platforms to market your e-book.

There are many different media where you can speak about your e-book. The first most obvious choice is the various social media platforms that have a wide audience. You could also try writing about the e-book on a blog or in the various articles and posts published on the internet. You could also get your work reviewed by bloggers who blog about similar topics.

Step 5: Use a Simple Payment Method

Convincing the buyer to make an online payment could be the trickiest part of selling your e-book. Buyers are always in doubt if the online method of payment is safe and secure. We can help you turn this suspicious shopping experience into a safe one.

With Instamojo, you can not just offer the buyer a safe shopping experience but also allow them to use any mode of payment they choose to use. You can get started in 2-flat minutes.

Thousands of sellers found out how to sell ebooks using Instamojo. You can too!

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