SEO Simplified for Bloggers. Strategic steps and SEO secrets to drive massive traffic to your blog

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Learn Strategic steps and little know SEO secrets that you need to know to rank your blog posts on first page of Search engines.

Are you tired and frustrated of spending hours to create content that does not come in Google search and thus not generate traffic? This book covers steps and details you need to focus on to get your blog posts loved by search engines and readers.

This book is for bloggers who have heard of SEO but not sure what it means. Those
- who want to learn actionable tips to drive traffic to your blog from Google?
- who want to learn how to write SEO optimized blog posts?
- who are starting out and want to set a strong foundation to approach SEO in a right way?
- who wonder what is keyword research and how to actually do it?
- who wonder what they are doing wrong or what is missing in their strategy and how can they fix it.

Most of us find SEO overwhelming but honestly to get started CORRECTLY with SEO, we need to be aware of some basics and then build upon them as we build our website and find keywords and write posts.

I have been there 5 years ago so I understand what it means.

In this book, I attempt to help you learn the basics of SEO. I start with setting up the right foundation and focus on how you can optimize your blog posts such that they are loved by Google. I explain how to find the RIGHT keywords that help you structure your posts and write SEO optimized that are not only loved by readers but also Search engines like Google.


-- SEO simplified EBOOK that covers SEO basics, keyword research, On page optimization and how to get back links (ONLY book or course that covers everything end to end)
-- Multiple Video tutorials
- Secret formulae on How to identify your niche
-- The only CHEAT SHEET you will need to write PERFECT post (covers what to do before writing a post, what to do during a post, what to do after publishing a post)
-- Keywords tracking spreadsheet
- -Amazing Checklist on how to write Awesome posts

You can contact me for any questions you have @ 9810369731