EBOOK - How to write Awesome Content that helps you earn money, engaged readers and raving fans

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This is an e-book course that covers content writing in a simple language making is easy to learn for everyone.

This would help bloggers who are starting out or intermediate bloggers with strategic steps on how to write to generate traffic and to get raving fans or engaged readers who would visit their website again and again to read more valuable content.

Content writing as a skill would also help you get paid content writing assignments.

This gives you a system, process and roadmap and helps you write AWESOME content every time to get traffic and earn money.

What we were taught in schools and colleges is not valid when we look at content writing in current scenario. Everyone needs content writers and there are very few good content writers available.

Whom is this book for -

- for those who want to learn content writing as a means of generating income by writing for other websites
- for those who want to learn how to write SEO optimized blog posts for their own self hosted website
- for those who are starting out with their own free blogs and want to learn content generation before they move to their own self hosted websites
- for those who want to learn content writing as a skill

- Checklist and video on How to write awesome blog posts
- 300+ Headline Blog post ideas for you to write amazing headlines
- How to identify your niche workbook + Video

Purpose of this E-Book

This book is for bloggers who have heard of terms like SEO and Niche but not sure what it means. Those who want to get content writing assignments but when they apply and send sample article - they do not get a call back. For those who want to start a blog for making money.
For those who have started a blog but still waiting to get engaged audience and learning the art of writing content that converts one-time readers into engaged followers.

Few years ago, I was a newbie trying to figure out how to write. If you see my initial blog posts and then recent ones – you will see a marked difference and the journey I have undergone as a writer or editor.
In this book, I attempt to help you learn the basics of Content writing and how you can use to generate money and/or traffic. It is based on what I have learnt in past few years. I focus on how you can write AWESOME content that would help you in years to come as I always say CONTENT IS KING.