The Bolt Experience: Bolt Red Streak (the best USB charger for motorcycles) + Bolt Pocket (tank-top pouch to protect your phone while riding) + Bolt Riders App (best app to track motorcycle rides)

  • Ships within 2 days

The Bolt Experience is the most important kit for your ride.
Bolt Red Streak ensures that your phone is charged fast during your ride. Bolt Riders App ensures that the ride is tracked in offline mode, so you do not have to worry about no-network areas. Bolt Pocket ensures that your phone is securely places on the bike while you are riding.

  • FREE Installation Guidance by Bolt Expert

  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty (Download the Bolt Riders App and register your device)

  • Bolt Riders App: Use the app on your android/iphone phone to track and share your riding memories.

  • Bolt Pocket: A pouch that sits on the tank of the bike to keep the phone while charging.

  • 2.5A USB cable included in the box

  • Compatible with all Phones

  • Anti-Theft Design

  • All Weather Resistant

  • Built to Last

  • 95% power efficient circuitry. 5V and 2.5A output.

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