Bolt TechnoShots

Min ₹ 250

Subscribe to learn Web Development over WhatsApp. Get a 3 to 6-minute video every day that will teach you to build interactive websites in a step by step manner. Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript over a period of 3 months.

We will continue introducing newer topics and programming languages in the coming months.

Hands-On Projects you will build:
1. Build an interactive website for a coffee shop.
2. Build a website that displays weather report or score from a sports match.

We will continue introducing newer hands-on projects in the coming months.

If you complete three months of subscription, then you get to answer a short test to earn a certificate for submission in college as per the university rules. Also, it adds value to your resume/CV during a job application.

Pay only Rs.250/- for each month, that you subscribe. Continue to the next month only if you are satisfied with the learning.

No previous knowledge required, we will teach from basics. You only need to have a smartphone to write code and practice.