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    Boondh's pricing is set keeping in mind affordability for most people, without compromising on quality. In underprivileged communities we further subsidize, sponsor, co-sponsor the cost.
    If you WISH TO CONTRIBUTE A CUP TO PERSON WHO MENSTRUATES FROM A LOW INCOME COMMUNITY ANYWHERE IN INDIA. Buy our TOGETHER CUP, wherein one cup comes to your doorstep and the other you purchased will go for a menstruator in a low income community.

    On receiving the order, we will call you to check for your preferred colour of Boondh cup and share where your sponsored cup is likely to go.

    Every Boondh cup comes in a cotton pouch with a detailed user manual. It cup is made of medical grade silicone (certifications in accordance with US Pharmocoepia and USFDA) and lasts for 10+ years; good for the body and the environment.
    Boondh cup comes in a standard size and fits most people. It can be used by menstruators of all ages, ranging from 15 till menopause during periods. The cups come in six different colors and holds between 15-22 ml of blood. Sterilization (in boiling water) is required only during the the beginning and end of the menstrual phase of the menstrual cycle. You can sleep, gym, swim and do sports wearing the cup. You don't need to remove the cup while urinating or/ and excretion.

    Menstrual cups take an average of 1-3 cycles to getting used. Boondh is here for user support in 4 Indian languages through whatsapp (+91 8197901338), e-mail and Skype apart from orientation sessions. For more information, see

    When you purchase a product at Boondh, you support menstrual literacy and reusable Boondh products for menstruators in underprivileged communities. Thank you for choosing us. :)