Splits & Bends Class

    Min ₹ 700

    Join Dasha - also the aerial silks instructor and a mobility fanatic - in the all new special Splits & Bends class. Come learn some stretching as well as improve your mobility.

    Dasha is a great instructor who makes this class accessible to bendy and non bendy people alike. There is great focus on quality of movement rather than temporarily achieving poses during the class. ‍

    As Dasha puts it, the focus is 2 primary aspects. The first is active flexibility. This means increasing the range of motion of muscles and strengthening them to support the new range gained.  The second is understanding how your body works. This involves finding the right stretching feeling for yourself instead of dogmatically trying to achieve some form of ‘correct’ pose.

    Each class starts with a full body warm up. It then progresses towards the ultimate aim of the respective class - one of front splits, middle splits, or back bends - by breaking down the pose into simpler components. This then ultimately helps one achieve and extent their maximum mobility in that pose. 

    Classes are supposed to last 60 minutes.