[010] Building Productive Teams - Holacracy®

  • Start Date: June 8, 2021, 3 p.m.
  • End Date: June 10, 2021, 5 p.m.
  • Venue: This is a virtual event. The link to join the event will be shared with you.
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Building Productive Teams (3-Day Virtual Workshop)

Get a Hands-on Experience with Holacracy® to Enable Team Productivity, Accountability and Agility.

Arif & Ali Vakil

Date & Time:
8th, 9th, and 10th June
3 pm to 5 pm (IST)

Investment (per seat)
First 5 seats: Rs 10,000 + GST (Sold Out)
Next 5 seats: Rs 12,000 + GST (Sold Out)
Last 5 seats: Rs 15,000 + GST (3 seats left)

This workshop is for anyone leading a team, a business owner, CXO or a manager who's experiencing:
* Lack of clarity in the team on who's accountable for what work.
* The need for constant follow up to move projects forward.
* Tasks getting lost in the noise which decreases trust.
* Team meetings that are long, unfocused and a waste of time.

In This Workshop You'll Learn How To:
* Structure Your Team to Strengthen Accountability
* Facilitate Meeting process to Accelerate Problem-Solving
* Increase Team Focus

Day 1: Experience Holacracy
* What is Holacracy?
* Explore new ways of structuring teams for clarity and agility
* Experience a simulation of a Tactical Meeting

Day 2: Lead Productive Meetings
* Overview of the Tactical meeting
* Get hands-on practice in facilitating tactical meeting using Glassfrog
* Use meeting cards and scripts to help you get started

Day 3: Create Team Structure with Clear Roles
* Create a role-based team structure in Glassfrog
* Learn the best practices to document roles
* How to evolve team structure when things change