Design Your Year 2023 Workshop

  • Start Date: Dec. 13, 2022, 3 p.m.
  • End Date: Dec. 15, 2022, 5 p.m.
  • Venue: This is a virtual event. The link to join the event will be shared with you.
₹ 25,960

Design Your Year 2023 Workshop

Craft a Meaningful and Fulfilling Plan for 2023, through the Power of Intention
  • Do you find yourself making New Year Resolutions, but not following through?

  • Did time fly by very quickly and a whole year passed without you doing or being what you intended?

  • Do you have dreams for your personal and professional life, but don’t take action because you think they’re too big to achieve?

Most people live through life unconsciously, moving mindlessly from one day to the next. However successful people take responsibility for their life by designing their life with intention.

In the Design Your Life 2023 Live Workshop, we will walk you through step by step to create a personalized plan for 2023, to empower you to make it the best year ever.

Why is it so important to consciously design in your life and live with intention?

To put simply, In this fast-paced, demanding world, which is so full of distractions, you can move from living a busy life - one that you endure - to an intentional life - one that you have chosen.

When you learn to live with intention you:

  • Trust yourself and your ability to shape your life in ways that align with your heartfelt interests.

  • Become better at asking yourself the right questions and taking time to hear the answers about what it is you wish to create in this life.

  • Are no longer a victim of the circumstance. You decide what matters to you and create your own instruction manual for life.

So are you ready to become the author of your own destiny instead of letting the world decide for you?

In this 3 Day Virtual Workshop (2 hours per day) we will take you through a journey of designing your year 2023.

Day 1:
Look at the year that went by and take stock through questions, inspirations and practices to help you determine what choices are most authentic and powerful for you.

Day 2:
Design a year based on your values, not just superficial goals, install new supporting beliefs, clarify your thinking and create a simple plan that will guide you through the next 12 months.

Day 3:
Consolidate your notes into a plan for the year 2023. Learn how to create accountability and structure your environment to support your plan.


Mohammad Arif Vakil

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