How to write Bank Loan Proposal

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Welcome to this course How to Write Bank Loan Proposals.
This course is based on my practical experience of writing loan proposals for Largest Public Sector Bank as well as from insights gained by working on loan proposals with various other banks in India.
This course is created mainly from Bankers point of view. i.e., This course will equip you to write loan proposals with better quality as a Banker. However, this course is also relevant for Finance Professionals like CA / CMA / Loan Syndicating Agencies, Project Finance Consultants to better understand expectations of Bankers.
This course will take you through several aspects of writing loan proposals like:
1) Borrower Profile
2) Background of Borrower
3) Industry / Sector of Borrower
4) Analysis of Performance and Financial Indicators
5) Analysis of Efficiency Ratios
6) Analysis of Fund Flow Statement
7) Analysis of Cash Flow Statement
8) Analysis of Group Performance and Financial Indicators
9) Analysis of Group Cash Flow Statement
10)Synopsis of Balance Sheet and comments thereof.
11) Inter firm Comparison
12) Rating of Customer (Internal & External)
13) Review of Facilities (CC / LC / BG / TL)
14) Warning Signals
15) Security Coverage
16) Compliance of Sanction Terms
17) Statutory Dues and Contingent Liabilities
18) Risk and Mitigating Factors
19) Pricing Analysis and request for approval.
20) Defaulters List
21) Justification for Working Capital
22) Assessment of WC / LC / BG
23) Security (Primary / Collateral / Personal Guarantee)
24) Margins
25) Other Terms & Conditions
26) Due Diligence
27) Associate Concerns
This course is structured in self paced learning style.
Excel / PPTs used for delivering course content.
Hope to see you inside the course.