Online Course on Accounts from Incomplete Records

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Welcome to this Online Course on Accounts from Incomplete Records

In this course you will learn :

1.Introduction to Single Entry System
2.Features of Single Entry System
3.Introduction to Incomplete Records
4.Features of Single Entry System of Accounting
5.Limitations of single entry system
6.Difference between single entry and double entry
7.Methods for finding profits
8.Statement of Affairs Method
9.Conversion Method
10.Calculation of Missing Figures
11.Single Entry Case Study 1
12.Single Entry Case Study 2
13.Single Entry Case Study 3
14.Single Entry Case Study 4
15.Single Entry Case Study 5
16.Single Entry Case Study 6
17.Single Entry Case Study 7
18.Single Entry Case Study 8
19.Single Entry Case Study 9

20.Single Entry Case Study 9
21.Single Entry Case Study 10
22.Single Entry Case Study 11
23.Single Entry Case Study 12
24.Single Entry Case Study 13
25.Computation of Total Purchases Case Study
26.Computation of Total Sales Case Study
27.Methods of Ascertaining Profit or Loss
28.Computation of profit under statement of affairs method
29.Ascertainment of Total Purchase
30.Case study - Ascertainment of Total Purchase
31.Ascertainment of Total Sales (with case study)