Online Course on Advanced Partnership Accounting

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Welcome to this Online Course on Advanced Partnership Accounting

In this course you will learn :

1.Partnership and Appropriation of Profits
2.Fixed Capital and Fluctuating Capital
3.Appropriation of Profits
4.Fixed Capital and Fluctuating Capital Format
5.Case 1 Fixed and Fluctuating Capital Method
6.Difference between Fixed Capital and Fluctuating Capital Method
7.Case 2 Fluctuating Capital Method
8.Case 3 Fixed Capital Method
9.Accounting Treatment for Interest on Capital
10.Case 4 Interest on Capital
11.Calculation of Interest on Drawings
12.Case 1 Interest on Drawings
13.Case 2 Comprehensive Case Study Interest on Drawings and other adjustments
14.Case 3 Interest on Drawings uniformly at the end of every quarter
15.Case 4 Interest on Drawings and Adjustment Entry
16.Case 5 Adjustment for Wrong Distribution of Profits
17.Guaranteed Partnership - Guarantee by One Partner
18.Case 6 Guarantee by One Partner
19.Guarantee given by Firm
20.Case 7 Guarantee by Firm
21.Case 8 Cross Guarantee
22.Case 9 Guarantee by One Partner
23.Case 10 Guarantee with retrospective effect
24.Adjustments at the time of admission of new partner
25.Adjustments regarding Profit Sharing Ratio and Case Study 11
26.Adjustments regarding Profit Sharing Ratio and Case Study 12
27.Sacrifice only by few Partners and New Profit Sharing Ratio Case Study 13
28.Adjustment regarding Valuation of Assets and Liabilities - Revaluation Method
29.Adjustment regarding Valuation of Assets & Liabilities-Memorandum Revaluatio Mtd
31.Various Scenarios for Accounting treatment of Goodwill
32.Valuation methods of Inherent Goodwill
33.Average Profits Method
34.Super Profits Method
35.Capitalisation of Profits Method
36.Annuity Method
37.Valuation of Goodwill Case Study 14
38.Valuation of Goodwill Super Profit Method Case Study 15
39.New Partner cannot pay premium and Goodwill account is raised Case 16
40.New Partner pays for Goodwill but Goodwill appearing in Balance Sheet in Full Va
41.Premium for Goodwill Paid Privately Case 18
42.Premium for Goodwill in True Sense
43.Adjustment for Accumulated Profits / Losses
44.Adjustment Regarding Capital
45.Case 19 Adjustment Regarding Capital
46.Case 20 Adjustment Regarding Capital
47.Case 21 Adjustment Regarding Capital
48.Case 22 Adjustment Regarding Capital using Memorandum Revaluation A/c
49.Case 23 Adjustment Regarding Capital
50.Retirment of Partner
51.Case 24 Retirment of Partner
52.Rights to Share of Profit after Retirment
53.Case 25 Right to Share of Profit after Retirement
54.Case 26 Right to Share of Profit after Retirement
55.Death of Partner and Accounting Implications
56.Accounting treatment for Joint Life Policy
57.Case 27 Accounting treatment for JLP
58.Dissolution of Partnership Firm
59.Settlement of Accounts on Dissolution
60.Realisation of Assets and Liabilities
61.Settlement of Dues of the Partners
62.Case 28 Settlement of Dues to the Partners.Case 29 Settlement of Dues to the Partners
63.Case 29 Settlement of Dues to the Partners
64.Insolvency of Partner