Online Course on Amalgamation Accounting

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Welcome to this Online Course on Amalgamation Accounting

In this course you will learn :

1.Revenue Recognition - Introduction
2.Item excluded in Revenue Definition
3.Timing of Revenue Recognition
4.Conditions fo Revenue Recognition
5.Revenue Recognition when goods are sold subject to conditions
6.Revenue from Rendering of service
7.Special Treatment of Revenue Recognition
8.When Revenue from sale of goods can berecognised?
9.Treatment of interdepartmental Transfer
10.Revenue Recognition Case Study 1
11.Revenue Recognition Case Study 2
12.Revenue Recognition Case Study 3
13.Revenue Recognition Case Study 4
14.Revenue Recognition Case Study 5
15.Revenue Recognition Case Study 6
16.Revenue Recognition Case Study 7
17.Revenue Recognition Case Study 8
18.Amalgamation Introduction
19.Difference between Amalgamation Absortpion and External Reconstruction
20.Types of Amalgamation
21.Purchase Consideration
22.Case 1 Purchase Consideration
23.Case 2 Purchase Consideration
24.Methods of Accounting for Amalgamation
25.Case 3 Amalgamation in nature of Merger
26.Case 4 Amalgamation in nature of Purchase
27.Case 5 Purchase Consideration
28.Case 6 Purchase Consideration
29.Journal Entries to be passed in Books of Selling Company
30.Journal Entries to be passed in Books of Buying Company
31.Intercompany Owings in Amalgamation
32.Intercompany Owings - Adjustment in Value of Stock in Amalgamation
33.Case 7 Intercompany Owings and Amalgamation
34.Case 8 Amalgamation Closing Ledger in Selling Companies
35.Case 9 Amalgamation Closing Ledger in Buying Company