Online Course on AS 10 Property,Plant & Equipment

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Welcome to this Online Course on AS 10 Property,Plant & Equipment

In this course you will learn :

1.Introduction to AS 10 (Revised)
2.Property, Plant & Equipment - Definition
3.Biological Assets & Bearer Plant Defintion
4.Agricultural Activity & Produce as per AS 10
5.Recognition criterial for Property, Plant & Equipment as per AS 10
6.Case Study on Capitalisation of Remodelling Expenses
7."Treatment of Spareparts, Standby Equipment & Servicing Equipment"
8.Treatment of Cost of Day to Day Servicing
9.Treatment of Replacement of Parts of PPE
10.Measurement at Recognition of PPE

11.Purchase Price
12.Directly Attributable Cost as per AS 10
13.Case Study 1 Directly Attributable Cost
14.Case Study 2 Directly Attributable Cost
15.Case Study 3 Directly Attributable Cost
16.Decommissioning, Restoration and similar liabilities
17.Cost of Self Constructed Asset
18.Measurement of Cost
19.Commercial Substance in Exchange Transaction
20.Case Study 1 Measurement of Cost
21.Case Study 2 Measurement of Cost