Online Course on Branch Accounting

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Welcome to this Online Course on Branch Accounting

In this course you will learn :

1.Welcome Lecture
2.Introduction to Branch Accounts
3.Dependent Branches and Features
4.Accounting for Dependent Branches
5.Debtors system
6.Accounting Entries Debtors System
7.Dependent Branches Problem 1
8.Dependent Branches Problem 2
9.Dependent Branches Problem 3
10.Dependent Branches Problem 4
11.Dependent Branches Problem 5
12.Goods invoiced at SP to Branches & Its Accounting Aspects
13.Dependent Branches Problem 6 (invoice @ SP)
14.Dependent Branches Problem 7 (invoice @ SP)
15.Dependent Branches Problem 8 (invoice @ SP)
16.Stock and Debtors system
17.Problem 9 Stock and Debtors System
18.Problem 10 Stock and Debtors System
19.Problem 11 stock and Debtors System
20.Final Accounts Method
21.Problem 13 Branch Trading A/c (Invoice Price)
22.Problem 14 Branch Trading P&L A/c (Invoice Price)
23.Problem 15 on stock and Debtors system
24.Problem 16 Stock and Debtors System
25.Whole Sale Branch system
26.Problem 17 Whole Sale Branch system
27.Problem 18 Whole Sale Branch system
28.Problem 19 Whole Sale Branch system
29.Independent Branches Introduction
30.Independent Branches Accounting Entry Part 1
31.Independent Branches Accounting Entry Part 2
32.Independent Branches Problem 20
33.Independent Branches Problem 21
34.Independent Branches Problem 22
35.Independent Branches Problem 23
36.Incorporation of Branch Trial Balance
37.Incorporation of Branch Trial Balance Problem 24
38.How to Close Books of Branches
39.Closure of Branch books Problem 25
40.Closure of Branch books Problem 26
41.Closure of Branch books Problem 27
42.Integral and Non Integral Foreign Branch
43.Techniques for Foreign Currency Translation Non Integral Foreign Operation