Online Course on Capital Budgeting

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Welcome to this Online Course on Capital Budgeting

In this course you will learn :

1.Financial needs and sourcs of finance
2.Classification of Sources of Finance
3.Equity Capital
4.Preference Share Capital
5.Retained Profits
6.Debentures or Bonds
7.Loans from Commercial Banks
8.Commerical Paper
9.Venture Capital Financing Introduction and Methods
10.Factors evaluated by VC in a Project
11.Presentation Document - Venture Capital Financing
12.Financing of Export Trade by Banks
13.Presentation Document - Export Finance
14.Debt Securitisation
15.Presentation Document - Debt Securitisation
18.Various Types of Lease
19.Difference between Finance Lease and Operating Lease
20.Presentation Document - Lease Finance
21.Presentation Document - Short Term Source of Finance
22.Capital Budgeting Tools - Taking Head
23.Payback period - Talking Head
24.Pay Back Reciprocal (Talking Head)
25.PayBack Period Case Study 1 - Taking Head
26.Presentation Document - Introduction to Investment Decisions
27.PayBack Period Case Study 2 - Taking Head
28.Accounting Rate of Return (Talking Head)
29.Accounting Rate of Return (PPT Based)
30.Presentation Document - How to measure Cash Flows
31.Presentation Document - Cash Flows Case Study
32.Capital Budgeting Techniques (PPT Based)
33.Pay Back Period Introduction (PPT Based)
34.Pay Back Period Example (PPT Based)
35.Pay Back Reciprocal (PPT Based)
36.Presentation Document - Types of Capital Investment Decisions
37.Discounted Payback Period (Talking Head)
38.Case Study 1 Discounted Payback (Talking Head)
39.Case Study 2 Discounted Payback (Talking Head)
40.Discounted Pay Back Period Method (PPT Based)
41.Introduction to NPV (Talking Head)
42.Case Study 1 NPV (Talking Head)
43.Case Study 2 NPV (Talking Head)
44.Case Study 3 NPV (Talking Head)
45.Case Study 4 NPV (Talking Head)
46.Case Study 5 NPV (Talking Head)
47.Case Study 6 NPV (Talking Head)
48.Case Study 7 NPV (Talking Head)
49.Profitability Index Method (Talking Head)
50.Case Study 1 Profitability Index (Talking Head)
51.Case Study 2 Trial and Error Method (Talking Head)
52.Equivalent Annual Flow Method (Talking Head)
53.Equivalent Annual CF
54.Introduction to Internal Rate of Return (Talking Head)
55.How to find IRR (Talking Head)
56.Case Study 1 IRR (Talking Head)
57.Case Study 2 IRR (Talking Head)
58.Case Study 3 IRR (Talking Head).
59.Comphrehensive Case Study (NPVand IRR) (Talking Head)
60.Case Study (Conflict between NPVand IRR) (Talking Head)
62.NPV Technique
63.Advantages and Disadvantages of NPV
64.Case Study 1 NPV
65.Problem NPV Ranking
66.Problem NPV (Cash Flows Derivation)
67.NPV Case Study
68.Problem NPV of Different Projects
69.Untitled Lesson
70.NPV Incremental Discount Rate Case Study
71.Problem NPV and Capital Rationing
72.New Case Study on NPV
73.NPV Case Study on Tax Savings
74.NPV Case Study 2 on Tax Savings
75.NPV Case Study (opportunity Cost)
76.NPV Case Study (Projects with different life period)
77.Abandonment Decision in Replacement
78.Replacement Decision

79.Aggregate Cash Flow Method in Replacement
80.Incremental Cash Flow Method in Replacement
81.Replacement Analysis Case Study 1
82.Replacement Analysis Case Study2
83.Replacement Analysis Case Study3
84.Replacement Analysis Case Study 4
85.IRR Introduction
86.Advantages and Disadvantages of IRR
87.Modified Internal Rate of Return (Talking Head)
88.Case Study 1 MIRR (Talking Head)
89.Modified IRR
90.IRR Simple Case Study
91.IRR Simple Case Study 2
92.Problem 1 IRR
93.Problem 2 IRR
94.Problem 3 IRR ARR NPV and Ranking
95.Problem 4 IRR DPB PI and Ranking
96.Problem 5 PB IRR ARR NPV and Ranking
97.Problem 6 IRR Mutually Exclusive Projects and Reinvestment
98.Problem 7 NPV and IRR Suitability
99.Project and Equity IRR
100.Profitability Index
101.Case 1 Profitability Index
102.Case Study on Profitability Index
103.Equivalent Annual Cost Case Study
104.Comprehensive Case Study on NPV
105.Case Study on Cash Flow Computation in Capital Budgeting
106.Case Study on NPV