Online Course on Capital Structuring Decision

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Welcome to this Online Course on Capital Structuring Decision

In this course you will learn :

1.Introduction to Capital Structure Decision (Talking Head)
2.Business Financing Decisions
3.Debt Vs Equity Financing Decision
4.Good Time and Bad Time for Debt Equity Funding
5.Capital Structure
6.Capital Structure (Talking Head)
7.Capital Structure Mix (Talking Head)
8.Factors of Capital Structure Mix (Talking Head)
9.Desining Optimal Capital Structure (Talking Head)
10.Capital Structure Case Study 1 (Talking Head)
11.Capital Structure Case Study 2 (Talking Head)
12.Capital Structure Case Study 3 (Talking Head)
13.Capital Structuring Case Study 4
14.Case Study on Capital Structuring and Tax Shield
15.Introduction to Leverage (Talking Head)
16.Leverage Formula (Talking Head)
17.Leverage Analysis Case Study 1 (Talking Head)
18.Leverage Analysis Case Study 2 (Talking Head)
19.Leverage Analysis Case Study 3 (Talking Head)
20.Leverage and its Types
21.Leverage Concept Example
22.Leverage Analysis and Sales Movement
23.Case Study 1 on Degree of Leverage
24.Case Study 2 on Degree of Operating Leverage
25.Case Study 3 on Degree of Leverage
26.Case Study 4 on Degree of Leverage
27..Indifference Point - Taking Head
28.Indifferent Point Case Study 1 - Talking Head
29.Indifference and Financial Break Even Point Case Study 2 - Talking Head
30.Indifference point chart case study - Talking Head
31.Financial Break Even and Indifference Analysis
32.Capital Structure Theories - Net Income Approach
33.Capital Structure Theories - Net Operating Income Approach
34.Net Income Approach Problem
35.Capital Structure Theories - Traditional Approach
36.Capital Structure Theories - MM Approach and Arbitrage Case Study
37.Case Study on Arbitrage
38.Introductory Problem on Capital Structuring
39.Introductory Problem on IDP
40.Problem on EPS EBIT IDP
41.Problem on IDP with Chart
42.Optimal Capital Structure
43.Problem on EPS and Capital Structuring
44.Problem on EPS and Financing Alternatives
45.Problem on IDP
46.Presentation Document - Capital Structuring Decisions
47.Presentation Document - Case Studies - Capital Structuring Decisions
48.Article - Capital Structuring
49.Article - Finance Break Even Point
50.Article - Leverage