Online Course on Consignment Accounting

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Welcome to this Online Course on Consignment Accounting

In this course you will learn :

1.Consignment Accounting Introduction
2.Accountiong Aspects in Consignment
3.Accounting Entries in books of consignor
4.Consignment Accounting Problem 1
5.Consignment Accounting Problem 2
6.Consignment Accounting Problem 3
7.Accounting Entries in the Book of Consignee
8.Consignment Account Problem 4
9.Consignment Account Problem 5 (Goods Lost in Fire)
10.Consignment Account Problem 6
11.Normal Loss
12.Consignment Problem 7 with Normal Loss
13.Consignment Problem 8 Computation of Cost and Invoice Price
14.Consignment Problem 9 Computation of Profit Percentage on Cost and Selling Price
15.Consignment Problem 10 Computation of Invoice Value of Goods Sent Out
16.Consignment Problem 11 Computation of Abnormal Loss
17.Consignment Problem 12 With Del Credre Commission and Bad Debts
18.Consignment Problem 13 Computation of Commission
19.Consignment Problem 14 Computation of Commission
20.Consignment Problem 15 Computation of Stock Reserve