Online Course on Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors

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Welcome to this Online Course on Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors

In this course you will learn :

1.Introduction to Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors
2.Introduction to Final Accounts of Non Manufacturing Entities
3.Income Statement and Position Statement
4.Preparation of Final Accounts - fundamental aspects
5.Inter-relationship between two statements
6.Matching Principle
7.Exceptions to Matching Principle
8.Trading Account
9.Trading Account Items
10.Closing entries in Trading Account
11.Trading Account Case Study 1
12.Trading Account Closing Entries Case Study 2
13.Profit and Loss Account
14.Treatment of Specific items
15.Closing entries related to Profit and Loss account
16.Profit and Loss Account Case Study 2
17.Adjustments in Final Accounts
18.Provision for Doubtful Debts Case Study 4
19.Other Adjustments in Final Accounts
20.Abnormal Loss of Inventory by accident or fire
21.Goods Sent on Approval Basis
22.Goods used other than for Sale
23.Accounting Entry for Sales Tax
24.Commission based on Profit
25.Preparation of Final Accounts - Case Study 5
26.Arrangements of Assets and Liabilities
27. Classifications of Assets and Liabilities
28.Preparation of Balance Sheet - Case Study 6
29.Preparation of Revised P&L and Balance Sheet - Case Study 7
30.Determination of Outstanding Salaries and related adjustments
31.Opening Entry and Case Study
32.Provisions and Reserves
33.Provisions and Reserves Case Study 8
34.Final Accounts of Manufacturing Entities - Introduction
35.Manufacturing Cost
36.Direct Manufacturing Expenses
37.Indirect Manufacturing Expenses
38.By Products
39.Structure of Manufacturing Account
40.Manufacturing Account Case Study 8
41.Manufacturing Account Case Study 9