Online Course on Financial Ratio Analysis

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Welcome to this Online Course on Financial Ratio Analysis

In this course you will learn :

  1. Introduction to Financial Statements
  2. Statement of Profit and Loss
  3. Balance Sheet
  4. Preparing Financial Statements
  5. Difference Between Income, Expense, Asset, Liability, Profit & Cash
  6. Introduction to Ratio Analysis (Talking Head)
  7. Classification of Ratio (Talking Head)
  8. Introduction to Liqudity Ratio (Talking Head)
  9. Classification of Liqudity Ratio (Talking Head)
  10. Current Ratio (Talking Head)
  11. Quick Ratio (Talking Head)
  12. Ideal Current Ratio and Quick Ratio (Talking Head)
  13. Absolute liqudity Ratio (Talking Head)
  14. Basic Defense interval Ratio (Talking Head)
  15. Capital Structure Ratios (Talking Head )
  16. Turn over Ratio (Talking Head )
  17. Inventory Turn over Ratio (Talking Head )
  18. Debtors Turn over Ratio (Talking Head)
  19. Creditors Turn over Ratio (Talking Head)
  20. Inventory Holding Period (Talking Head)
  21. Creditors Payment Period (Talking Head)
  22. Debtors Collection Period (Talking Head)
  23. Case Study 1 Ratio Analysis (Talking Head)
  24. Case Study 2 Ratio Analysis (Talking Head)
  25. Case Study 3 Ratio Analysis (Talking Head)
  26. Case Study 4 Ratio Analysis (Talking Head)
  27. Debt Service Coverage Ratio (Talking Head)
  28. Interest Coverage Ratio (Talking Head)
  29. Preference Dividend Coverage Ratio (Talking Head)
  30. Capital Gearing Ratio (Talking Head)
  31. Profitability Ratio (Talking Head)
  32. General Profitability Ratio (Talking Head)
  33. Return on Investment Ratios (Talking Head)
  34. Various Ratio for Equity Share holders (Talking Head)
  35. Market Value Ratios (Talking Head)
  36. Summary and limitation of Ratio Analysis (Talking Head) 37.Case Study 5 Ratio Analysis (Talking Head)
  37. Case Study 6 Ratio Analysis (Talking Head)
  38. Case Study 7 Ratio Analysis (Talking Head)
  39. Case Study 8 Ratio Analysis (Talking Head)
  40. Liquidity ratios case study1
  41. Liquidity ratios case study 2
  42. Interest Coverage Ratio Case Study 3
  43. Proprietary Funds Case Study 4
  44. Return on Asset Case Study 5
  45. Stock Turnover Case Study 6
  46. Equity Share Holders Ratios Case Study 7
  47. Ratio Analysis - Detailed Case Study 8
  48. Ratio Analysis - Detailed Case Study 9
  49. Case Study Ratio Analysis