Online Course on Journalising Process in Accounting

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Welcome to this Online Course on Journalising Process in Accounting

In this course you will learn :

1.Books of Original Entry
2.Steps in Journalising
3.Journalising Comprehensive Examples
4.Capital and Drawings
5.Bank Account Transactions
6.Accounting entry for Capital Contribution
7. Accounting entry for Cash Receipt
8.Accounting Entry for Cash Payment
9.Acccounting Entry for cash Sales
10.Accounting Entry for Banking Transaction
11.Accounting Enrty for Drawings Case Study.mp4
12.Accounting Entry for Credit Purchase.mp4
13. Accounting Entry for Cash Purchase.mp4
14.Accounting Entry for Cheque receipy and deposit.mp4
15.Accounting Entry for Cheque receipt.mp4
16.Accounting Entry for Credit Sales.mp4
17.Accounting Entry for commission Income.mp4
18.Accounting Entry for Payment through Cheque.mp4
19.Accounting Entry for Purchase Return.mp4
20.Accounting Entry for Drawings.mp4
21.Compound Entry.mp4
22.Compound Journal Entry Case Study.mp4
23.Accounting Entry for Sales Return.mp4
24.Compound Journal Entry.mp4
25.Accounting Entry for Salary in cash.mp4
26.Case Study 1 Journalise Transaction
27.Case Study 2 Journalise Transaction
28.Case Study 3 Journalise Transaction
29.Case Study 4 Journalise Transaction
30.Case Study 5 Journalise Transaction
31.Case Study 7 Journalise Transaction
32.Case Study 8 Journalise Transaction
33.Multiple Choice Questions - Accounting Equation and Journal Entries