Online Course on Ledger and Subsidiary Books in Accounting

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Welcome to this Online Course on Ledger and Subsidiary Books in Accounting

In this course you will learn :

2.Utility of Ledger
3.Ledger Format
4.Ledger for real personal nominal accounts
5.Posting and Procedure
6.Ledger Case Study 1
7.Ledger Case Study 2
8.Posting of Compound Entries to Ledger
9.Posting Openign Entry in Ledger
10.Balancing an Account
11.Balancing of Different Accounts
12.Procedure for Balancing
13.Difference between Journal and Ledger ledger accounts from opening entry ledger posting from compont entry journal and ledger
17.Subsidiary Books need and advantage
18.Purchase Book
19.Case Study on Purchase Book
20.Sales Book
21.Sales Book Case Study
22.Return Books
23.Purchase Return Book
24.Purchase Return Book Case Study
25.Sales Return Book
26.Sales Return Book Case Study
27.Cash Book
28.Kinds of Cash Book
29.Single Column Cash Book
30.Case Study Single Column Cash Book
31.Double Column Cash Book with Disc Column
32.Case Study Double Column Cash Book with Discount Colum
33.Double Colum Cash Book with Bank Column
34.Case Study Double Column Cash Book with Bank Column
35.Key Points in Cash Book
36.Triple Column Cash Book
37.Case Study Triple Column Cash Book
38.Bill of Exchange
39.BoE Technical Terms Part I
40.BoE Technical Terms Part II
41.BoE Technical Terms Part III
42.Bills Books
43.73 Journal Proper