Online Course on Tax on Capital Gains

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Welcome to this Online Course on Tax on Capital Gains

In this course you will learn :

1.What is Capital Asset
2.Stock in Trade -is it a Capital Asset?
3.Personal Effects-is it a Capital Asset ?
4.Rural Agricaltural land -is it a Capital Assets ?
5.Short Term And Long Term Capital Assets
7.Transfer :What it Means ?
8.Capital Gain Year of Chargeability
9.Insurance Receipts and Capital gains
10.Capital Gains on conversion of Capitl Asset as stock in trade
11.Capital gains on introduction of capital contribution
12.Capital Gain on distribution capital asset on distribution of firm /AOP/BOI
13.Capital Gain on Compensation compulsory acquisition
14.Capital Gain on Capital Gains on case of specified Agreement SEC 45 (5a)
15.Capital Gain on Distribution of asset by companies in Liquidation (sec 46)
16.Capital Gains on Bayback of shares OR other securities
17.Transactions not regarded as transfer (Part 2)
18.Transfer of Shares by Shareholder in Scheme of Amalgamation
19.Transfer of Capital Asset under Reverse Charge Mechanism
20.Case Study Reverse Charge Mechanism
21.Mode of Computation of Capital Gain
22.Cost Inflation Index
23.Cost of previous owner considered as cost of acquisition
24.Case Study on Conversion of Capital Asset into Stock in Trade and Capital Gains Impact
25.Capital Gain on Self Generated Goodwill